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Are We a Match?

The world is filled with amazing Stylists and clients. These days, Stylists are fortunate to be able to choose our ideal clients. We spend a lot of time with different energies daily. Thankfully, choosing what personalities fit well together is important for both parties.

What does Georgia look for in a client?
My ideal client is kind, well mannered and polite. Someone that is respectful of themselves and of me. Easy going with a positive spirit, and is open to new ideas for their hair. Enjoyable to be around, is considerate and loves coming in for a luxury hair services . Also, being on time (early is on time) is major brownie points!

A person that respects my craft and the beauty industry as a whole. Stylists have had a bad rap over the years, and I'm here to change that. While understanding and enlightening that the beauty industry is essential and require skills on many levels. We are mathematicians, therapists, scientists, detectives and so much more.

I'm so grateful for my A-mazing clients! As a Stylist, we may not be able to fix everyone's problems in life (which isn't our job anyway) but we are are here to help with your hair needs.

If you're reading this, could we be a match?


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